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Basement egress window cost


A dry basement is a key to a strong foundation of the house window replacement. Humidity and dampness will lead to the formation of fungus and mold, the appearance of cracking, and the "melting" of the foundation. In addition, basements and ground floor are often used for commercial purposes, and windows are necessary for the comfortable operation of premises.

Airtight and reliable basement windows are necessary to ventilate the room, provide additional light and protect from precipitation from the street window companies near me.

Basement windows can be ordered from the company with different profile types:

  • PVC. Plastic products are practical, and double-glazed windows have good thermal insulation and soundproofing properties. Suitable for installation in semi-basement rooms, must have at least one opening sash.
  • Aluminum. Aluminum window structures can be put in unheated basements.
  • Wood. Wooden frames have a beautiful texture and retain heat well. Not suitable for rooms with high humidity.

According to the type of opening, there are hinged, swing, and swivel structures. In addition, products made of fire-resistant materials are installed to ensure fire safety.

Basement window protection

We install anti-burglary hardware on the windows to protect the basement floor from intrusion.

You can order the additional service of installing a metal grate, which will not allow vandals to break the glass or break into the apartment building.

Installation of plastic windows in the basement of the apartment building

We perform the installation of window structures in the basement of a residential apartment building in different ways: depending on the location of the basement and light openings relative to ground level.

Installation options:

  • Semi-open. We do it in houses standing on sloping surfaces. Windows are located in the basement walls, not covered with soil, for this type suitable window structures with different types of opening.
  • Half-buried (partially buried). Semi-basements, most of the walls of which are buried in the ground—recommended installation of oval-hinged windows as close to the room's ceiling.
  • Buried. A basement in which the ground entirely covers the walls. Organizing lighting and ventilation in an open basement require the organization of a rectangular or semicircular pit, which is concreted or encased in stone.

Basement Windows

In the company "Beautiful Petersburg" you can buy basement windows with turnkey installation. Our specialist goes on-site to select the optimal design, inspects the room, and makes the necessary measurements.

The price of basement windows is determined only after the arrival of a measuring engineer and drawing up an estimate!

Our advantages:

  • We work following the estimate;
  • Observe the terms prescribed in the contract;
  • Carry out the work without interfering with the lives of tenants;
  • We invite customers to inspect the completed objects.

In the interest of protecting basement basements from intruders and keeping your window openings safe from outside influences, metal grilles are ordered for your windows. Grilles produced by us are durable and tested. In addition, they serve as a decorative component of basement windows from the outside. 

Only quality and reliable metals are used in the production of metal constructions. Depending on the window area and the desired sketch, it takes this or that amount of time to produce a window grille.

Steel grids have a low cost and guarantee thorough protection for a small price. In addition, the customer can choose the pattern of window gratings for the basement, which is at your discretion.

Windows for natural light illumination are not only used in various rooms on any floor of buildings but also to connect basement rooms with the outside world. Since basement configurations vary, basement windows will also be different.

Semi-open basement.

It is easier to shine sunlight on a basement with at least one wall not covered with earth. Most often, such basements have houses on slopes. In this case, an ordinary window is arranged on an open border. According to construction standards, such a basement can be residential; that is, it can be equipped with a study, bedroom, etc. In the basement of this type, it is better to install even not a window and a balcony unit that has a door through which you can go directly to the street. Of course, such an exit would be better to equip a small ground terrace.

Semi-basement (partially buried basement)

In semi-basements, a substantial part of the walls is elevated above the ground surface. To let sunlight into such basements, unique basement windows have been invented. Such basement windows are oblong rectangular and are opened by tilting on themselves. The height of such windows is limited to the above-ground part of the semi-basement. These windows are a weak point in the protection against housebreaking, so they are equipped with grilles or anti-burglary roller shutters. But such protection will make sense only if the windows on the first floor are protected.


In the basement wall can be installed and the usual basement window, if you dig before it dug a pit, its concrete, put a stone or fenced wood, plastic or metal casing—the size of the hole associated with the size of the window. So, the pit and the window area are the same for windows deepened utterly. By shape, cavities can be semicircular, rectangular, with walls in the form of benches, and flat or chamfered.

A grid often covers such a pit from above, but the latter can cover the window. Option with the grid on the hole chosen when the latter is deep enough (about a meter) to small children could not fall into it. The bottom pit is located below 20 centimeters from the window sill in the basement.

Here it is necessary to slope to the drainage funnel or drainage trough. It makes sense to connect the drainage pipe to the wall drainage pipes. If the soil is easily porous, it is enough to perforated pipe that is buried one meter into the ground and covered with gravel. It is a filtration well-distributing rainwater into the surrounding soil. With this solution, the walls of the basement should be well waterproofed.

When constructing a country cottage with a basement, owners rarely think about the need to arrange windows in the basement. They may not be provided in the project or immediately nailed or closed after installation. Their presence in the cellar seems unnecessary and not rational. But the windows will make the basement more functional and comfortable.

All you have to do is try them out.

Why do we need windows in the basement?

On a clear, sunny day, 2-3 small windows can easily illuminate the room, saving on artificial lighting. Being in the basement will be more pleasant if the light is natural. In addition, window openings can be beautifully decorated to make them decorative and attractive to the eye.

When arranging window openings in the basement, the function of ventilation should not be forgotten. The basement room begins to suffer from mold and mildew without normal ventilation. In addition, their appearance hurts the house's state, preventing tenants from feeling comfortable. Therefore, ventilation windows in the basement will help to extend the life of the building and keep it comfortable for the owners.

Features of basement windows

They are usually much smaller than all the other windows in the house. In addition, the walls at the place where they are installed are often very thick, so the light inside will come in at an acute angle. The features are as follows:

  • The sun's rays are strongly absorbed if the windows are dusty. Therefore, you should not forget to wipe the windows in time and keep them clean.
  • The white color of the soffits and construction attracts more natural light.
  • Windows in the basement must be provided already during the design of the building. You can increase the surface with the help of particular niches.
  • It is advisable to make a small canopy under the window to avoid heavy contact with moisture and contamination of the windows.

Most often equipped with canopies made of plastic. They are inexpensive and efficient to use. If necessary, such a product can be easily cleaned. It perfectly retains any precipitation.

The basement is an excellent opportunity to increase the usable area of the house without taking up additional space on the plot. I will share my experience of how we made windows in the basement to increase the usable area in the suburban property.

Basement or basement?

Before I tell you about the windows, let me clarify the difference between the basement and basement, so there is no confusion - there will be different windows in them.

Basement - a room under the house, buried in the ground for more than 50% of the height. The floor in the basement is sometimes left earthen, and the role of walls performs the foundation. For air exchange is set ventilation system, heating is not provided. Windows in the basement are not required, but they expand their practical use.

Basement - also a room under the house, but above ground level more than half. The ceiling height in the basement is at least 2.5 meters. Windows are mandatory. The basement is built on the foundation, and the floors are poured screed. In general, it is practically a living space and requires heating.

Windows for the basement above ground level

We did not have windows in the basement by design. We planned to use it to store stuff instead of a cabin or shed. When the cellar was built, and we entered it, we were surprised at its size. It's hard to get a sense of scale on paper. The room was huge, about 100 m2, and dark. We wanted to liven up this ample space and turn it into a helpful room for storing things and relaxing. The foreman, who was building the basement, agreed that there were not enough windows. And he started to think about what could be done.

It turned out to be not so hard - the builders cut two concrete blocks on the side joints, and we got two low but rather long windows. The basement looked different right away! Sunlight was coming in, and it went from a dark and cold basement to a cozy and almost habitable space. And we had plans about using it - apart from the warehouse for special equipment and different stuff, and we will have a gym and sauna there. What do you think?

In our case, the windows are above ground level because the basement is half underground. If the depth of the basement is 100%, then the windows in it, too, you can do, then tell me how.

What had to consider choosing windows for the basement?

  • The color of the exterior. Basement windows should blend in with the overall appearance of the house. The color can be the same as the rest of the windows or the same as the basement window, so it doesn't stand out. We chose the second option and ordered a burgundy lamination on the outside.
  • Thermal insulation of the windows. Its level depends on the purpose of the basement. If it is a storage room, it does not need to be heated, so there are no requirements for the windows. But we had heating in the basement and chose warm windows from a comprehensive profile with 2-chamber glazing and low-emission glass.
  • Burglary resistance. Basement windows are the most accessible to burglars, and the burglar doesn't even have to reach. I do not tolerate any grilles, especially in my house. In our basement windows, we put anti-burglary hardware Roto NX. I like it because it has a unique bar (TiltSafe) with which you can leave the window in the air, and it remains anti-burglary.
  • Corrosion protection for the hardware. Basement windows in the ventilated position can be exposed to rain, and hardware will suffer from increased humidity. The Sil Level 6 coating on the Roto NX hardware has the highest corrosion protection. And I am not worried that the fittings will fail quickly.
  • Opening. The location of the windows is under the ceiling, relatively high, so it is preferable to do the handle at the bottom of the sash.

Windows in the basement below ground level

Even if the basement is buried under the ground completely, it is possible to make a window and a door in it.

By the way, the door in the basement is a very convenient solution if it stores gardening equipment - if necessary, you do not have to drag it through the house and do not have to worry much about its cleanliness.

For windows in an open basement, you need to organize a pit - a recess in the ground in front of the window.

Windows for the basement - to make a must!

The basement in a private house is an essential thing. It saves a lot of space on the site—no need to build a garage, sauna, or barn separately. A family of 4 people will be sufficient for 10 acres instead of 15-20. No need to overpay for land, monthly utilities in the SNT, and taxes, which are calculated on the rates for every hundred square meters.

Windows bring life into the basement! Non-residential space turns into living space. I haven't finished my basement yet, I use it for storage, but eventually, I will set up a gym, bathhouse, or workshop there.

Basement egress window cost

  A dry basement is a key to a strong foundation of the house  window replacement . Humidity and dampness will lead to the formation of fung...